Our Brands Mission

LivinSoWell is NOT just a clothing merch brand but it's a MOVEMENT.  We hold this to be true because we are not here just to sell a few T-Shirts to you all but what we are here to do is inspire social change, and not just any social change but the type of social change that will evoke a mass awakening of the human consciousness In order for us to all step into our own ultimate power, as this will contribute to our brand & movements ultimate mission being HEAVEN ON EARTH not just for any one particular group of the human family but for ALL/THE PEOPLE. Sounds like a very tall and overly grand task Yeah.. Yeah we know.  And that’s why we need people like you here who is watching/reading this on board to help the cause by taking part in the movement and spreading the word.

in this new aquarian age that is coming upon us we feel it’s time we finally uplift the veils and bring truth to light by exposing all the systems of oppression, separation and Hate that have been casted upon society!  Our mission here at LivinSoWell is to do this, all the while leading a “Hiii Level” lifestyle rooted in great wholistic wellness that means physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  This is what our brand promotes and what we are all about and this is what we aim to do as an Movement.


To make things even more clear I’ll like to reiterate Again that LivinSoWell is NOT just a cool saying we decided we would just throw on a bunch of T-Shirts one day just to make a couple bucks here & there.  Although we do prioritize selling high quality clothing products to our customers/supporters we are not in the business of just creating another trendy here today gone tomorrow fashion brand.  

We are a movement with a message who just so happens to use apparel as a channel to communicate that message (Heaven On Earth) through wholistic wellness via a “Hii level” lifestyle (Mentally, spiritually, physically) the slogan design LivinSoWell in itself serves as an powerfully positive affirmation for anybody who comes in contact with it as it brings awareness to our ultimate mission (Heaven On Earth for ALL).


What we would like for you all to keep in mind as well is that we stand on the back of all the revolutionaries who spoke truth to power before us and we inspire to be apart of a new generation of “Truthers” and people who aspire to live the  “Hiii level” LivinSoWell lifestyle even if that means being subject to public scorn, scrutiny, humiliation and opposition by powerful malevolent forces.  We advocate for the veil of the matrix to be lifted and for each and everyone of us to step into our divinity whatever that may look like for you so you may be LivinSoWell Truly in light & in love.  


The LivinSowell ideology: To promote Heaven on Earth Mentality.


This is includes living your best life Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Emotionally to the highest level.




About Our Logos & Designs:


Are designs though rather simple can also come off as rather esoteric in nature.  Though we like to evoke the imagination with some of our design concepts what I can say is that most of our design concepts can be drawn back to the: Chakra color system, the symbolism of the medical caduceus, ancient kemeticism, metaphysics, spirituality, astrology, and overall, just symbolism that will inspire you to live your best life and do it up to the fullest! We also hope for you to feel an instant connection with our designs when your eyes meet them.  May it be So…




*Looking for a way to get more intimately involved with our community and learn more about our brand founder follow us on our social media pages (Below) our send an E-mail to livinsowellr@gmail.com stating your questions, comments. Concerns we will get back ASAP